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An introduction to school governance

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The Key for School Governors, Lloyds Banking Group and SGOSS Governors for Schools have developed a valuable training module for new governors and academy trustees that can also be used as a refresher for existing governors. We recommend that you complete this module before you attend your first governing body meeting.


The module will take up to an hour and can be completed in small sections at a time that suits you. After you have completed it, you should feel prepared, confident and excited to start or continue your journey in governance.

Accessing the module is simple. Just click ‘Register’ to begin, or ‘Log in’ if you have already registered and accessed the training before.


Disclaimer: This eLearning has been designed for governors and trustees serving schools in England, and content reflects governance policy, legislation and best practice in this region. Although governors in other countries will find that much of the content is relevant, they should also refer to legislation and guidance in their country of practice.
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